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What to see in Ferrara

Our advices for a day-trip in the Renaissance city

Let’s discover what to see in Ferrara and main attractions of one of the most charming Reinaissance city in Italy.

Ferrara is situated 50 kilometres north-northeast of Bologna and 60 kilometres from our Camping.

Many palaces and streets were made in 14th and 15th centuries by Este family, an important italian princely dynasty.

Este Castle (Castello Estense)

Este Castle (Castello Estense or Castello di San Michele) is the rappresentative monument in the city and the first thing to see in Ferrara.

The Castle was made in 1385 by Bartolino da Novara, architect of the House of Este. In early time, the Castle has a defensive and military function. Afterwards it has become the Ducal Palace of Borso d’Este.
In the last decades the Castle hosts many cultural events, concerts and a museum.

Old Town, Via delle Volte and Unesco heritage

What to do in Ferrara? You could just get lost in the Old Town, walking or riding between Renaissance palaces and suggestive alleys.

In 1995, Unesco World Heritage Committee has qualified Ferrara as a World Heritage Site of its beauty and cultural relevance.

The wonderful “Via delle Volte” is a 2 km way across the Old Town, a fantastic location for a photo shoot or a romantic walk.

You can’t miss a visit to “Palazzo dei Diamanti”: a Renaissance building made in 1493 with hundreds block of white marble that reminds of a huge diamond.

Are you looking for some open air activities to do in Ferrara? You should rent a bike and discover why Ferrara is called “the city of bicycles”!

Town planning within the city ancient walls is bicycle-friendly, there are a lot of cycle lanes and interesting cycle-tourism itineraries.

Traditional Cuisine

Among the finest things to see in the city, we suggest a traditional restaurant in Ferrara.

Ferrara food is influenced by traditions of Emilia Romagna and Veneto. For this reason, traditional cuisine is a nice combination.

You have to taste Lasagna (typical Emilia Romagna recipes), Cappellacci with pumpkin and “salama da sugo” (a savory pork sausage seasoned with red wine).

Old Town is full of typical italian taverns and restaurants, where you can have a diner in the shade of an ancient and breathtaking palace.

Art and music in Ferrara

Love relationship among Ferrara and the arts is well known all over the world.

If you take a walk in Old Town, you probably meet a street artist dancing or playing a guitar.

Every summer the world's largest Street Music Festival and the oldest in Europe takes place among the streets of Ferrara: Ferrara Buskers Festival.

Ten days of music, dance, performing arts and much much more. For more information, this is the official site of Ferrara Buskers Festival.

Another important event in summer is called “Ferrara Sotto le Stelle” (Ferrara under the stars): a music festival held in the Este Castle’s square. Since 1996 many international music stars have take part in the festival, as Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Arcade Fire.

Ferrara is a pleasant human-scale city. It’s perfect for a day-trip from our camping or another bigger city as Bologna.

We suggest to visit Ferrara with your bike (or you can easily rent it): you can enjoy the lovely quietness and the romantic alleys.

    A daily-trip in this ancient and 
    and charming bike-friendly-city!
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